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The Dangers of Eating Without Teeth or Dentures

Stim Brushes | 20 Sep, 2022

The Dangers of Eating Without Teeth or Dentures

It is understandable that one always wants to take the biggest bite out of that ice-cream cone or grilled chicken, irrespective of having/not having teeth, or wearing/not wearing dentures. But did you know that eating without dentures can lead to a lot of health issues? So, if you know someone eating without dentures, stop them before they say grace at their next meal!

Eating without dentures can lead to Gum and Jaw Problems

The primary damage starts with the gums and jaw. They are easily affected as there is a lot of pressure applied on the gums and jaw to break down food particles and try to chew them. It actually gets harder without dentures!

Technically, it takes around 200-250 pounds of force by the jaw for a bite by natural teeth, while the force sums up to around 50 pounds. This states that dentures have a lesser bite force compared to naturals. Hence, trying to eat or chew food without dentures will eventually wear out your gums and jaws leading to serious health issues like TMJ and gum infection.

Eating without dentures can lead to Gastrointestinal Problems

We all know that chewing food properly is very important for digestion. But here, the first step itself goes wrong – eating without dentures/dangers of eating without dentures, hence the entire digestion process falls apart leading to health problems in the digestive tract.

With improper digestion, not only do nutrients not get extracted properly but undigested food also becomes fodder for harmful bacteria in the colon leading to health complications.

What Can We Do?

Well, eating without teeth or not wearing dentures while eating can both lead to long and short-term problems. Teeth are a very important part of our body and living without them is not a good long-term idea. So why not make the first right move by switching to STIM Oral Care Products and saving your pearly whites before you lose them forever? And if you do have dentures, remember that they need as much care as your natural teeth: switch to our DENTURE CARE PRODUCTS, also available on this website.

Begin and maintain a healthy oral regime today! 

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