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Interdental Care - Part 2
By Stim Brushes / 14 Oct, 2022
In talking about Interdental Care products, you might have the question bubbling in your head: what is this new contraption that claims to do good to ...
The Toothbrush - A Brief History
By Stim Brushes / 14 Oct, 2022
Let's talk about toothbrush history. In the olden days, people wanted to keep their oral health in place, just like we do now. They cleaned their ...
Food for Thought - A Healthy Diet for Healthier Gums!
By Stim Brushes / 14 Oct, 2022
Gums are the most important part of the mouth; they hold teeth firmly. In fact, they keep the teeth and oral bone protected at all times, against bact...
Interdental Care - Part 1
By Stim Brushes / 20 Sep, 2022
The evolution of toothbrushes has come a long way, initially made up of horse hair back in 1700. Understand, that this is a part of your basic hygiene...
The Tooth Fairy... Traditions From Around the World!
By Stim Brushes / 20 Sep, 2022
The tooth fairy is a wicked and wise way to dispose of your child’s teeth - a tooth falls out and you wake up richer (It doesn’t work with...
You Take My Breath Away - Literally! Dealing With Halitosis.
By Stim Brushes / 20 Sep, 2022
Once upon a time, a handsome and brave prince was about to kiss his sleeping beauty to wake her up from eternal slumber. He was inches from her lips w...
Bleeding Gums? Don't Neglect Them!
By Stim Brushes / 20 Sep, 2022
A patient with a bleeding gum problem, lying back on the dental chair, asks his dentist “Don’t they make i...
How to use an Interdental Brush Effectively
By Stim Brushes / 20 Sep, 2022
It is important to clean in between your teeth (much emphasis on that) every day before using your toothbrush to help reduce the risk of gum disease a...
Ditch the Pick
By Stim Brushes / 20 Sep, 2022
Meat! Sheer horror runs through our minds when we think of the heavenly grandiose preparation. The vibe of horror comes from the aggravating former en...
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