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Stim Interdental Angular Brush

₹180 (MRP Inclusive of All Taxes)
(8 Reviews)

STIM Interdental Original Brush

₹225 (MRP Inclusive of All Taxes)
(6 Reviews)

Stim Interdental Brush Refill

₹175 (MRP Inclusive of All Taxes)
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Stim Interdental Flexible Proxa Brush

₹250 (MRP Inclusive of All Taxes)
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What Is Interdental Brush?

The gap between the two teeth in anyone’s mouth is known as an interdental gap. These tiny gaps usually occur due to the varying size and shape of teeth. However since these interdental spaces are so small, the conventional toothbrush can’t properly reach and clean these gaps. As a result, food particles that get lodged in those spaces aren’t cleaned out properly and hence become a breeding ground for bacteria.

These bacteria, accumulated in the interdental spaces, start releasing toxic waste in the form of acid. This acid is usually responsible for degrading the enamel, irritating the gums, and consequently causing tooth decay over time. Not only that, but the bacteria residing in your mouth often lead to bad breath. This is a byproduct of the bacteria living and breeding inside your mouth.

To avert these side effects, we need to physically disrupt the bacteria colonies from accumulating in between our teeth. For this, we need -

  • A special brush is Stim Interdental Brush which can easily fit in between our teeth.

  • Stim interdental original brush whose bristles are soft enough to not damage our enamel or gums.

  • However, it should be effective enough to remove all the bacterial residue between our teeth.

How To Improve Your Oral Health Using A STIM Interdental Toothbrush

For a while now, STIM Interdental Brushes have been integrated into the daily oral care routine of the general populace. These brushes help in cleaning the slim gaps between the teeth which can become a breeding ground for bacteria. In this comprehensive guide let us take a look at STIM proxa brushes, and how they can be beneficial for maintaining oral health.

Why Not Just Use Floss?

While floss has its fair share of benefits, the STIM Interdental brush refills have their own very distinctive set of qualities. While floss can expertly remove the bacterial film in the straight interdental spaces, the interdental cleaner specializes in reaching every little nook and cranny of the interdental space and scrubbing off the tough bacterial film present on the interdental surface. An interdental toothbrush can prove to be extremely beneficial in cleaning uneven surfaces, as the bristles can reach around the bumps of the surface and provide optimal cleaning.

When To Use A STIM Interdental Brush

- Interproximal brushes are suitable for all people. Since interdental brushes access the area which is inaccessible to normal brushes, they are the best preventative measure for oral care and diseases. We recommend the following brushing routine to our customers: 

- Always clean your interdental spaces once a day, before you go to bed at night.

- Make sure you cover all interdental spaces, both in the upper and lower jaw

- To properly clean your interdental spaces, gently push the interdental brush in the space between your teeth. Then follow that with a gentle in and out motion before proceeding to the next interdental space

What To Look For In An Interdental Brush?

  • Size - Since the gaps between your two teeth aren’t uniform, the interdental brushes used for those gaps can’t be either. STIM proxa brush needs to be picked according to the size of the interdental gaps for efficient and comfortable brushing. The STIM Interdental Angular brush, Original brush, as well as the Flexible brush come in multiple sizes to help you efficiently clean the differently-sized interdental gaps in your mouth.

Types of STIM interdental brushes to choose from - 

  1. STIM Interdental Original Brush - The STIM Interdental Original Brush is a high-quality interdental toothbrush that comes with a long handle. The long handle on this brush allows you to conveniently reach and clean the gaps deep inside your mouth. This brush comes with 7 replaceable heads, with each head being of a different size to perfectly and efficiently clean the interdental gaps of varying sizes. Once the heads of this brush are worn out, you can easily replace them by purchasing the STIM Interdental brush refills at a comparatively lower cost, without having to pay for an entirely new interdental toothbrush. 

  2. STIM Interdental Flexible brush - The STIM Interdental Flexible brush allows you to reach into and clean the tricky corners of the mouth. Its flexible neck allows ease of movement which plays an essential role in cleaning the interdental gaps of your mouth. 

  3. STIM Interdental Angular brush - The STIM interdental Angular brush is an L-shaped interdental brush. The angular bend in this brush assists you in conveniently reaching the interdental gaps that are at an angle deep inside your mouth.

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