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STIM Flosal - Pick and Floss - Right Angle

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STIM Hydra Portable Oral Irrigator Water Flosser

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STIM Flosser - Pick and Floss

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STIM Floss Holder

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STIM Floss

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STIM Threader Floss

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Streamline Dental Floss Revolution: Easy, Quick, and Effective!

Dental Flossing is one of the most basic dental care practices recommended heavily by every dentist to their patients. But more often than not, most people fail to heed this essential advice. The benefits of flossing are too concrete to be ignored. 

We, at STIM Interdental, take our flossing seriously. That’s why we have launched our own range of STIM Dental floss, and have integrated it into our range of STIM dental products. By keeping the importance of flossing in mind, STIM Oral Care has created a holistic guide that will help make flossing easier and more comfortable.

Why Is Dental Flossing So Important?

The answer to this question is rather easy. When you brush your teeth, you only effectively clean the surface of your teeth, and not the gaps in between your teeth. This is not ideal given how when you eat food, the food particles come in contact and even get lodged in those gaps. 

If those particles, stuck in between the tiny gaps of your teeth are not properly cleaned, then you carry a risk of developing cavities, plaque, and other bacteria-related side effects that can harm your dental health. When you don’t floss after brushing you only clean your teeth partially, which is very harmful to your dental health in the long run. 

Now that we know why dental flossing is essential, let’s find out what is the most optimal way to floss your teeth using STIM dental products. 

How To Floss Properly

Just as it’s important to floss every day, it is equally important to floss the right way. Learning the proper flossing technique can make a world of difference. By using the STIM dental floss properly, you ensure that your dental health is well-maintained and make the flossing process more comfortable and easy for you. 

Here are a few basic steps on how to use your STIM Dental floss properly:

- Take your STIM dental floss wrap the majority of it around two of your fingers, and create a bridge of floss about 2 inches long between your fingers. 

- Ensure that the floss is taut between the two of your fingers. In order to avoid this step and make the process easier, you can use the STIM floss holder.

- Now position the bridge of your floss in between the gap of your teeth and then by using a firm but gentle back-and-forth motion, maneuver your STIM dental floss holder or STIM floss between your two teeth. Now you can start flossing between any two teeth, but starting from your two top middle incisor teeth can help you keep a proper track.

- Move your STIM dental floss back and forth along the side of your teeth, all the while being careful that you don’t exert excessive force on your gums. Applying too much pressure to your gums can make the process uncomfortable.

- When you approach the area near your gums, gradually curve your STIM dental floss around the base of your tooth to effectively guide it into cleaning the food particles stuck in that area. 

- As you keep flossing your tooth it is advised that you keep changing the section of floss that you’re using to achieve optimum results. 

Just like any other skill, your dental flossing skills and habits will improve with practice over time. However, what is important is that you start developing these habits from an early age. Using the right products can make flossing extremely comfortable and easy to do. 

So here is a list of STIM dental products that will help you comfortably foster the habit of flossing in your daily routine. 

1) STIM Flosser - STIM flosser is made from the finest quality floss to deliver the most optimal dental cleaning. The STIM flosser is designed to get into the fine gaps between the teeth and clean them effectively, all the while providing the users with maximum comfort and ease.  

2) STIM Floss - STIM floss is specifically designed to clean the large surface areas between the teeth. It’s a soft and durable floss that expands when it comes in touch with saliva, thereby making it perfect for cleaning the large gaps between the teeth. 

3). STIM Flosal - The STIM Flosal is an elegantly designed PTFE floss that makes flossing molars extremely convenient. Its right-angled design promotes easy cleaning between the gaps of your teeth. In addition, there is a toothpick attached at the bottom of the floss to help you clean the tough residual food particles that get stuck in the gaps of your teeth. 

4) STIM Floss Holder - The STIM dental floss Holder is a small holder on which you can attach your floss, instead of wrapping it around your fingers. This product is highly recommended to beginners as it helps them floss easily and prevents wastage of floss.

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