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How to use an Interdental Brush Effectively

Stim Brushes | 20 Sep, 2022

How to use an Interdental Brush Effectively

It is important to clean in between your teeth (much emphasis on that) every day before using your toothbrush to help reduce the risk of gum disease and decay. One should do this every day before bed, for example, imagine cleaning cars and motorbikes parked next to each other, they are parked so close to each other that it is impossible for them to pass through. Interdental brushes have next to impossible-to-reach gaps with just a toothbrush. Interdental cleaning helps you reach the gaps in the space between your teeth. And for brush sizes (ranging from 0-4) you can rely on the range of STIM INTERDENTALS  to help your cause.

The best way to use it is to first start from the hard-to-reach places, for example, the back of your teeth. You can curve the interdental toothpick a.k.a STIM INTERDENTALS  to reach the tricky places inside your mouth. Try not to miss a spot and go in and out once or twice, making sure the brush goes all the way through the gap, just below where the teeth meet, and out the other side. Definitely, and we repeat definitely don’t force your way in into the gaps, it should be a snug fit. Don’t be aggressive (it’s not your cup final) and don’t go more than twice. Don’t be alarmed if you bleed in the first week of interdental brushing but consult your dental health professional if the bleeding persists. After every two teeth are cleaned wash the brush with water to remove the stuff that builds upon it, then continue cleaning. Dispose of the brush when it’s worn or bent, and once you are done, gargle with water and brush with a normal brush (which you do probably every night, before bed).

But… Surprise, surprise interdental brushes are the best options when it comes to overall cleaning. The Interdental brushes Indian conventional use of “datum” “charcoal” and “powders” are other homely pieces of advice which are effective for the front of the teeth but ask yourselves does it clean the in-between spaces or the gaps which you proudly own since childhood?

Stay tuned for more dental facts, & information!

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