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About Us

About Us


Global Dent Aids Pvt Ltd is the world’s largest interdental brush manufacturing house, since it’s inception in 1988 we have provided oral care products & services to a wide range of industry verticals. We have leading professionals of some of the most renowned names of oral health care on board and we manufacture & export our products across the globe particularly to the US, UK, Germany, Canada & Japan.

We believe in being strategic partners rather than just being solution providers. We have a special emphasis on delivering quality products and we are proud of the fact that we meet all safety & regulatory requirements of our customers. We are BRC & ISO certified,  We also follow a strict environmental policy to protect our natural environment. Our products are vegan, cruelty free & made in India with utmost focus on quality. We possess machines that are the best in their categories & have infrastructure that is par excellence. We pride ourselves on the core values of innovation, performance & integrity. .

The stim brand & range of products

The stim brand & range of products

STIM has been making its presence felt in the market for over 5 decades. STIM was the brainchild of Mr. V.D. Khuller who revolutionized the Oral care industry in 1965. Back then, the trend was to use large-headed toothbrushes as it was believed that more tufts can clean your teeth quicker But Mr. Khuller who was already making a name for himself in the oral care industry found a gap in the market on the advice of some leading periodontists of the time, The need of the hour was a toothbrush that could reach even the last molar & Clean even the smallest gaps, the back of the front teeth included. 

And STIM was born, a short & slim headed toothbrush that has now become synonymous with quality not just in India but all over the world. Today STIM continues to garner support from renowned dental surgeons and has diversified into a full oral care range that is specialized and recommended by dentists worldwide. This slim brush has now evolved into the STIM interdental brush that specializes in cleaning the smallest to largest gaps in your teeth without harming the gums. Today, STIM belongs to the largest interdental manufacturing house in the world - Global Dent Aids pvt ltd. 

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