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How to Heal Cheek Bites and Tongue Bites

Stim Brushes | 02 Sep, 2022

How to Heal Cheek Bites and Tongue Bites

Remember the last time when you accidentally bit your tongue or the inner cheek? Yes, that is really painful! If the wound was somewhere on your body, it would take lesser time to heal when compared to a wound inside your mouth. Most wounds and infections inside the mouth will heal by 2-3 days or maybe in a weeks’ time. But if you wish to know some tips on how to speed up the healing procedure, read below –

Keep the Bite Area Clean

Do not chew or drink anything on the side of cheek bite. Make sure to wash your mouth after every meal with either plain water or salt water, also keep the wound clean from any debris. Use cheek bite gel.

Stop the Bleeding

Bleeding is a bad sign; apply pressure on the wound site immediately if you notice bleeding. If the wound is inside the mouth, use gauze pad or apply pressure on it using your tongue against the wound.

If swollen, apply an ice pack

It’s always relieving to apply an ice pack when you’re hurt during a sport or encounter any minor accidents. It relieves pain with ease. If you find there is a swelling on your cheek due to the bite, they apply something cold until you feel comfortable. Do not keep the ice pack for more than an hour or so, it could numb the senses in that area.

Rinse with Warm Salt Water frequently after every meal

This is an old yet effective remedy to escape any pain inside the mouth. All you have to do is dissolve a tablespoon of salt in warm water (not hot) and swish it around your mouth for a while and spit it out. It will reduce the pain and keep the wound free from infections.

It Takes Time to Heal

Give it time and everything will heal even the bothersome cheek bite or toothache. It is important that you treat the wound area with tender loving care and utmost sensitivity. Chew food on the other side while eating. Do not poke the area around the wound no matter how tempting it could be. Apply cheek bite gel after consuming anything.


While you follow all the above...

You can also try our antiseptic, pain-relieving gel, specially formulated for oral ulcers: Ultigel. Its unique formula relieves pain and stops the infection, preventing the ulcer from growing, and giving it time to heal. 

Complete oral care is our primary goal and we have other specially designed Dental Care Products and cheek bite gel to help you maintain great oral health and hygiene. 

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