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STIM Unique Toothbrush

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STIM Unique MB- Extra Super Soft Toothbrush

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STIM Ortho Brush For Braces

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Hoppy Junior Toothbrush - 10 Years to 15 Years

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STIM Silky Toothbrush

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Hoppy Kids Toothbrush - 3 Years to 10 Years

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STIM Medium Toothbrush

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STIM Eco Charcoal Toothbrush with Neem Handle

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STIM Regular Toothbrush

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STIM Sonic Electric Toothbrush

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STIM Sonic Kids

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STIM Eco Bio Neem Wooden Toothbrush

₹120 Inclusive of All Taxes.
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How To Choose A Dental Toothbrush – A Beginner’s Guide

Buying a toothbrush can often be a challenging task. With the wide variety of options out there, selecting the right toothbrush can be a bit confusing. So here’s a guide for you that helps you decide not just which STIM dental brush is best suited for you, but also covers the basics of brushing your teeth.

How To Brush Your Teeth

- Let’s get the basics right. The best way to brush your teeth is by holding your brush at a 45-degree angle. This positions your toothbrush right where your tooth and gums meet. Brushing at this angle ensures that the area underneath your gums also gets cleaned properly. Always ensure to brush gently as brushing hard can damage your gums and make them sensitive.

- We highly recommend the STIM Silky toothbrush for people with sensitive gums.

Do your teeth bleed while brushing? Read this guide

Types Of Dental Brush

The different types of dental brushes available on the market are:

1. Manual Toothbrush

- Manual toothbrushes are usually the go-to option for most people. They are easy to use and cheaper. Apart from being pocket-friendly manual brushes are also environmentally sustainable.

- STIM toothbrushes are a vegan-friendly option and aim to promote a pollution and cruelty-free future.

2. Interdental Brush

- The Interdental brush is a small brush that is either disposable or reusable. With the help of its angled plastic handle, these brushes are used for cleaning the area between the teeth and even the hard-to-reach areas around the dental braces and the teeth.

- STIM Interdental brush when used in conjunction with the normal toothbrush reduces the amount of plaque build-up and stave off gingivitis.

3. Single-Tuft Brush

- The Single-tuft brush is the brush with a head comprising of 7 tightly packed tufts, which are meant to reach into certain deeper areas of the mouth. The ergonomic brush handle allows a firm grip which provides the precision required to clean small crevices.

- The STIM Ortho brush is single-tufted. It helps in cleaning difficult areas such as the back of the wisdom tooth and the tooth surface next to the missing tooth. 

- We at STIM Dental Brushes are a vegan brand. We make sure that no animals are harmed during any stage of production.

Type Of Dental Brush Head

- It is often recommended that people should opt for dental brushes with a small head. Because of their size, small head brushes can often reach places where a normal-sized brush wouldn’t be able to.

- STIM toothbrushes have a small head. This makes it easy for the brush to reach the back of the mouth and clean it properly.

Important Information About Dental Brushes

While buying or even using a STIM dental brush ensure to keep these things in your mind. Know the teeth brushing art.

1. The brush and floss order is a lie

- It doesn’t matter if you floss after brushing your teeth or before, as long as you manage to do both, the order in which you clean your teeth is redundant.

2. Leave your toothbrushes out in the open

- After brushing, ensure that you rinse your STIM toothbrush well enough so that there is no residue remaining on the brush. Once done rinsing the brush, keep the brush out in the open to dry in an upright position.

- Make sure you leave your brush to dry out in the open and not in a closed container. If kept in a closed container, the toothbrush won’t dry properly, and this will lead to the growth of unwanted bacteria from the moisture.

3. The lifespan of a toothbrush

- Always remember to replace your toothbrush every 2 months. In case the bristles of your toothbrush wear out before 2 months, make sure to replace your dental brush.

4. Try opting for a soft-bristled dental brush

- Brushing with a hard bristled brush can often end up damaging the enamel, and can also lead to sensitive gums. It is always recommended that people should use a soft-bristled brush to avoid causing unnecessary damage to their teeth.

- The STIM silky toothbrush gives your teeth the thorough gentle cleaning they deserve.

5. 2 times a day for 2 minutes each

- To maintain great dental health, a person should brush their teeth at least 2 times a day, for 2 minutes each.

- Brush your teeth for two minutes each and let your fluoride toothpaste do its job. The STIM Ri-enamel toothpaste is enriched with fluoride and helps in enamel remineralization.

6. Size of toothbrush

- Since the size of people’s mouths varies, the same size toothbrush doesn’t suit every mouth. STIM toothbrushes cater to the cleaning needs of different mouth sizes with regular and kids brush.

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