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The Dangers of Eating Without Teeth or Dentures
By Stim Brushes / 20 Sep, 2022
It is understandable that one always wants to take the biggest bite out of that ice-cream cone or grilled chicken, irrespective of having/not having t...
Wisdom Teeth - What's Wise About Them?
By Stim Brushes / 20 Sep, 2022
To be honest, getting teeth when you’re a grown-up is all pain. Wisdom teeth are the third, final set of molars that tend to show up in your lat...
The Love of Sugar - What Diabetes Does to Your Oral Health
By Stim Brushes / 20 Sep, 2022
Diabetes leads to a whole lot of health problems, but do you know how much damage it can cause to your oral health? Just as with the rest of your body...
How to Heal Cheek Bites and Tongue Bites
By Stim Brushes / 02 Sep, 2022
Remember the last time when you accidentally bit your tongue or the inner cheek? Yes, that is really painful! If the wound was somewhere on your ...
Why Should We use Interdental Brushes?
By Stim Brushes / 12 Jul, 2022
Why should we use interdental brushes? A regular- sized toothbrush simply cannot do the job of cleaning your teeth by themselves. It may not reach ...
Nail Biting
By Stim Brushes / 12 Jul, 2022
Why is nail biting a dangerous habit (for your teeth)? Do you have a nail biting habit, than you should know we call novels belonging to thriller a...
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