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STIM Unique Toothbrush
STIM Unique Toothbrush
STIM Unique Toothbrush
STIM Unique Toothbrush
STIM Unique Toothbrush
STIM Unique Toothbrush
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STIM Unique Toothbrush

(51 Reviews)
(MRP Inclusive of All Taxes)

Get a Free Interdental Flexible Brush with each pack

STIM Unique Toothbrush Pack of 3

₹216 ₹240 10.00% Off


STIM Unique toothbrush has been specially designed with a small head to clean till the last molar. It offers superior plaque removal which helps to keep your teeth and gum healthy.

42 densely tufted extra super soft bristles are gentle on gums and teeth. The non-slip handle has been ergonomically designed for easy maneuverability. STIM Unique has a thumb grip for better control of the toothbrush while cleaning.

All STIM Brushes are made up of Tynex Bristles. Long-lasting, premium quality Tynex® filaments from DuPont offer superior cleaning. Tynex® filaments show excellent wear performance and greater bend recovery compared with other materials.

Made in India

More Details

Net Contents:
Toothbrush - 1 piece plus Interdental brush -1 piece

Made In India By:
Global Dent Aids Pvt Ltd.

F-23, Nizamuddin West, New Delhi- 110 013

Customer Care Cell:

Global Dent Aids Pvt Ltd.

F-23, Nizamuddin West, New Delhi- 110 013

Telephone /WhatsApp: +91 8017460025


Key Benefits of STIM Unique Toothbrush

  • STIM Unique toothbrush are densely tufted bristles effectively remove plaque
  • A small head helps to clean till the third molar
  • Super soft bristles are gentle on gums and teeth
  • End rounded bristles


Directions For Use of STIM Unique Toothbrush

  • Apply a pea-sized amount of toothpaste on your STIM Unique Toothbrush
  • Then proceed to hold your brush at a 45-degree angle.
  • Brush your teeth with a circular motion
  • Rinse your mouth and your toothbrush
  • Remember to at least brush your teeth 2 times a day for at least 2 minutes with a STIM Unique toothbrush.

Customer Reviews

(51 Reviews)
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Ajay 23 Nov, 2022

The brush is excellent, extra soft with a good grip.

Rohit 17 Oct, 2022

Raghav Singh 22 Aug, 2022

I have been using it regularly ever since I got braces. The problem is that it's really rough and also expensive. Any high-quality toothbrush is way cheaper.

Robin Shoy 09 Jul, 2022

Nice...soft bristle... For ur braces...

Devyash nagar 11 Apr, 2022

Good product must buy

Alok Upadhyaya 11 Feb, 2022

Good. This is what we wanted

Soumi Adhikari 15 Jan, 2022

go for it without doubt. comfort is incomparable.

Walter 08 Jan, 2022

Bristles are very soft and gum friendly

Umar Farooq 21 Nov, 2021

Good but expensive

D. Ghosh 05 Nov, 2021


S.Ragul 20 Aug, 2021


Annie 24 Jun, 2021


Dhurga 16 Mar, 2021

Good for braces

RAVI K. 04 Jan, 2021

Good orthodontics toothbrush.

Naveen M 01 Jan, 2021

Shape of brush especially down side needs to be changed

Bhupender 01 Nov, 2020

Good but specially good for those who has dental problems

Bhanu ji 08 Oct, 2020

Very soft bristles. And the brush is sturdy. Go for it.

Aarti Bhardwaj 03 Sep, 2020

A good n value for money product.....My dentist recommended ....have been using it for some time issues with d product

Md anas zafar.. 30 Aug, 2020

I am using this for last 5 years.. perfect for those who like soft brush..

Abhay Kumar 26 Aug, 2020


Ss_21 12 Aug, 2020

Does the job

Banty 04 Aug, 2020


MCL 28 Jul, 2020

The brushes are really good for people with braces. The bristles are soft and glide smoothly over the braces. The brushes even have a smaller tip on the other end for precise cleaning in between the brackets. It also comes with a separate tool for cleaning the brackets of your braces or to get into a tough spot between your teeth.The brushes last for about 4 months with regular use.

Ujjaval k. 16 Jul, 2020

Good toothbrush

Shubham 06 Jul, 2020

Quality is good👍🏻

Willium Thaudem 11 May, 2020

Its a soft toothbrush.

Satish Thakur 01 Mar, 2020

Good quality and value for money.

Achyut Raj 22 Feb, 2020


Bharti 15 Feb, 2020


Himanshu sodhi 15 Feb, 2020


Anjali 30 Jan, 2020

Very much soft

Aarti bhardwaj 08 Nov, 2019

Good product n easy availability from Stim Brushes didn't had to run around.... Advised by d dental doctor.

Sanjay Kumar 03 Nov, 2019


Sidra k. 11 Oct, 2019

Soo nice and comfortable for braces. 👍

Phool pathak 22 Aug, 2019

pice is too hight ,no discount on mrp price

Dhineshkumar N 16 Aug, 2019

Nice product

D valte 13 Aug, 2019

Very useful and convenient

Sanjana 04 May, 2019

The toothbrush reaches the hard to reach corners of the mouth and cleans plaque easily. I'd definitely recommend this to everyone.

Sarika S. 03 Apr, 2019

I always use stim unique brush. My Dr recommended this product. Its very soft.

JSG 24 Mar, 2019


Jayanta Mandal 14 Feb, 2019


Sanjay Gupta 05 Feb, 2019

Very good product and a really great brushing experience

Nothing 20 Dec, 2018

Nice one

Santana Mondal 31 Oct, 2018


Ganesh 11 Sep, 2018

Can buy good quality

Aditya Agrawal 18 Aug, 2018

Very good product paise Vasool product

Vasudha 05 Aug, 2018

Good to use

Gourav 09 Jun, 2018

Excellent quality. But charged more than shown.

Shanmukh 11 May, 2018

That small tapered brush really comes handy. I am carrying it everywhere in my pocket to clean my braces whenever I eat anything

Sharmistha K. 26 Mar, 2018

Quite satisfactory.

Ridhi 07 Feb, 2018

Best brushes for the ones with braces

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