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STIM Flosser - Pick and Floss Pack of 12


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Do you find your regular dental floss a little difficult to use? Does food often get stuck in the unreachable corners of your teeth that don’t come out even after brushing? Well, here’s the solution for both your problems in a single product, the STIM Flosser Pick and Floss. The STIM Flosser Pick and Floss is a small plastic tool with one end being curved a small piece of floss attached to it for flossing and the other being pointy for picking large food particles that get stuck in your teeth. It also cleans your gum line & gives you a cleaner mouth feel vis a vis just brushing alone. It's a disposable & user-friendly flosser with a toothpick attached at the back.


Key Benefits of STIM Flosser - Pick and Floss Pack of 12

  • The dual benefit of flossing and picking in a single product
  • High-quality anti-shred floss which is easy to slide between the teeth 
  • New and improved design for a better flossing experience
  • A ribbed handle for more dexterity
  • Made from premium high-grade plastic that doesn’t break easily.

Directions For Use of STIM Flosser - Pick and Floss Pack of 12

  • Gently use the pointy end of the STIM Flosser Pick and Floss between the gaps of your teeth to dislodge any food particles that are stuck there
  • Insert the floss in between the interdental gaps of your teeth, and slide it back and forth to clean the plaque and the food particles accumulated there
  • Proceed to brush your teeth.
  • Precaution - 

  • Avoid using excessive force in stim flosser pick and floss as it might damage your gums.
  • Keep it away from the reach of children.

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