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STIM Interdental Original Brush

(6 Reviews)


STIM Oral Care’s range of Stim Interdental Original Brushes offers an option for every gap size. You can choose from a variety of shapes and sizes. The Interdental Brushes are made with high-quality raw materials to ensure the highest quality.

Stim Interdental Brushes help in plaque removal for bridges, crowns, braces, and varying-size tooth gaps.

These brushes help to clean difficult-to-reach areas providing all-around protection for your teeth and gums.

STIM Interdental is a rigid handle interdental brush which facilitates changing the brush tips. It is an economical option as one can buy a refill pack of the appropriate size desired.

Stim interdental brush Refills are available in 6 variants.

Made in India

Key Benefits of STIM Interdental Original Brush

  • Rigid-handled interdental brush with interchangeable refills.

Directions For Use of STIM Interdental Original Brush

  • Unscrew the handle on top, and fit a refill as per the gap between teeth. Insert the brush gently between your teeth. Do not force the brush into the space; work it gently back and forth a few times in a push-pull motion. Wash the interdental brush after use.
  • Stop using once the bristles start fraying. Some initial bleeding may occur while brushing, but will generally resolve in about 10 days.

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Customer reveiews

(6 Reviews)
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Rohit 24 Nov, 2022

unique design and easy accessible. It is much affordable.

Mahesh 21 Nov, 2022

It has a nice slim design that slides between my teeth easily. A big thanks to the Stim brush team that delivers on time on urgent basis.

Sanu 15 Nov, 2022

truly revolutionary in terms of oral care. I am so glad that I bought it from Stim.

Ankit 11 Nov, 2022

Some of my friends bought this other site and they felt some irritaion after use. But this one is completely pain free,

Rahul 02 Nov, 2022

Easy to use, comfortable in my mouth and much effective.

Mahi 27 Oct, 2022

Highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a deep clean!

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