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Interdental Care - Part 2

Stim Brushes | 14 Oct, 2022

Interdental Care - Part 2

In talking about Interdental Care products, you might have the question bubbling in your head: what is this new contraption that claims to do good to our teeth? Or; how is it any better than regular floss? Or maybe even: Why do you need it as you are vigorously brushing your teeth twice a day, anyway? Come on lads! One at a time, please! Be considerate, as most of us are quite hygienic, but still are unaware of the fact that food is playing hide and seek in between our teeth while having "the" much detrimental effect.

STIM has a range of Interproximal aka Interdental Care brushes or interdental brushes, used to clean between teeth where a normal toothbrush cannot penetrate. You may ask ‘what is the need’. Well, the reason to brush your teeth with an interdental brush is to get to the plot where a normal toothbrush cannot get. You may choose not to do that and succumb to negligence but that will only make the situation worse later. On top of that, it will also lead to several gum diseases on the gum crest that lies between the teeth and like we said earlier, you may choose to ignore it. In that case, what is the point of even brushing at all isn’t it? As soon the gum disease will eat the boney support between teeth it will form a void in the shape of large triangular spaces. The ultimate result will be the loss of teeth as it won’t find any support to stick around. Adios Muchachos!

Made of DuPont Bristles, our Interdental brush is fixed on a coloured rubber band (to grip) with a hygienic cap (for day-2-day use). It has a soft neck so that it can fit itself in small gaps without applying much pressure on the brush and to bend it to get the desired angle for cleaning gaps between teeth. It comes in a variety of colours and sizes (0-4) to help you choose according to your needs and preferences. These Interdental Brushes range from size 0 - the smallest, to size 4 - the largest, to clean gaps of all sizes.

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