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Interdental Care - Part 1

Stim Brushes | 20 Sep, 2022

Interdental Care - Part 1

The evolution of toothbrushes has come a long way, initially made up of horse hair back in 1700. Understand, that this is a part of your basic hygiene and should not be taken lightly, and who are we kidding even the regular brushes are incapable of cleaning our mouths entirely all by themselves. Researchers say that almost 58% of the germs remain free as a bird (literary) even after brushing twice a day. That doesn’t mean you stop brushing and become all pessimist and gloomy, instead, we should muster the keenness of healthy life to get rid of the stubborn plaque out of our mouths.

And in the voyage to finding ‘vanilla land’ interdental brushes play the part of the oars. Remember the marriage that you attended, when those mouth-watering delicacies turned out to be a torment when the mutton got stuck in between your teeth and planned for a never-ending stay. Once a wise man expressed his sorrow saying, “I feel like a shark after grinding down mutton and thus spend the rest of my afternoon tearing out the grub remnants”.

We don’t understand or maybe this is our ignorance that we don’t pay much heed to the food particles that get trapped in between teeth. Apart from the certain discomfort and irritation, we must know that this can also increase the risk of bacteria and plaque buildup. In India awareness is nil, and we are here to improve awareness of the importance of interdental care.

Interdental Care

It is an oral hygiene technique and method whose aim is to target the unreachable area in between your teeth. The concept is widely accepted in other parts of the world as the USA already started practicing several interdental care methods (after all they want to win all the races may it be dental care or nuclear warfare). We have our version of interdental care in the form of 'antimicrobial mouthwashes' and not-so-famous 'floss'.

Stay tuned to this blog for part 2, giving you more insights on the STIM INTERDENTALS.

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